Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Action for Social Change: Balances and Tensions of Power in ComDev Practice

by Yuliya on 2015 November 22 11:15

What makes Communication for Development (ComDev) strategies come into NGO initiatives, how does it work and evolve? What are the limits and potentials of ComDev within an international organizational setup? This week Ørecomm researcher Jonas Jeppesen presents findings from his ethnographic research.



Radio Diversity, Innovation & Policies

by Yuliya on 2015 November 13 16:39

Radio is everywhere; radio is resilient. But what will happen to community radio if governments bypass or refuse to provide imperative policies? These and other questions are raised by  Maria Erliza Pedersen, Ørecomm contributor and a researcher from Malmø  University, who took part in the recent ECREA Radio Research 2015 in Spain.


Rebecca Bengtsson: Palestine Can’t Survive by Itself

by Yuliya on 2015 October 28 14:23

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict evolves, thousands are joining the Rally of Rage in Palestine. Meanwhile, the ComDev members have discussed how the international observer mission works in current conditions. Rebecca Bengtsson, the Communications Officer of Temporary International Presence in Hebron shares her experience with the C4D community.



News from Ørecomm Researchers

by Yuliya on 2015 October 22 09:33

This week in research and news feed from Ørecomm members: How to erase walls of academia and, most importantly, what for? Why can social media activism escalate violence? Lastly, in what way is the relationship between peace, conflict and academic writing changing?