Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

#Action2015: A Year of Change

by Yuliya on 2015 September 3 13:38

“2015 is a year like no other. A once in a generation opportunity…” This is not a commercial for a new movie or a book. This is  #Action2015 –  a global campaign driven by motivation to end poverty, inequality and climate change.


World Humanitarian Day: The Power of Collaboration

by Yuliya on 2015 August 20 09:05

Humanity. Neutrality. Impartiality. Independence. These are the major humanitarian principles defined by United Nations. On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, celebrated annually on 19 August, we expand the list asking what innovation and technology can bring into the aid sector.


#VisualizeChange: Technology for a Change

by Yuliya on 2015 August 12 14:49

 “If we don’t look at data, we underestimate the tremendous change,” once said infographics guru, Swedish Professor Hans Rosling.The first-ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS)  initiated by UN aims at gathering people from all walks of life who look at data and transform it into visuals. Bring statistics to life with digital tools and get a chance to present it at the Global Consultation in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2015.


C4D in Celebration of the World Breastfeeding Week

by Yuliya on 2015 August 6 12:00

For the last 25 years The World Breastfeeding Week has been celebrated during the first week of August to raise awareness about benefits of breastfeeding. A global target set by the World Health Assembly is to increase exclusive breastfeeding rates for newborns to at least 50% by 2025. How can C4D contribute to the target?