Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Gaza in 2015: a C4D field?

by Yuliya on 2015 July 3 14:04

Support of Palestine refugees with efforts of UNRWA, the largest UN agency on the ground in Gaza, is 65 years old. Having communication in the core of relief programs, Jennifer Watson, Senior Communications Officer at UNRWA Gaza Field Office, shares some insights about the role of C4D at UNRWA.


Thomas Tufte: Crisis as a “laboratory” for ComDev study

by Yuliya on 2015 June 21 15:13

Communication for Social Change. Participation and Empowerment as the basis for World Development, a book written by co-director of  Ørecomm Thomas Tufte, is released. What is it about and what can we learn from it about the current state of ComDev?


Weekend’s Food for Thought

by Yuliya on 2015 June 7 11:12

Who are téléchargeurs? How do refugees in Kenya share their stories? And, finally, what are the results of discussions during this week’s World Economic Forum on Africa? Plus, a few reflections on the aid history until now and it’s future.


Memory on Trial: Bridging the Past with the Future

by Yuliya on 2015 June 4 14:23

The iconic Tank Man at Tiananmen Square represents resistance struggle in China in 1989. A single picture captures a dramatic moment, but leaves an open question of “what happened next”. Commemorating the 26th anniversary of the June Fourth Incident, Ørecomm introduces a volume on memory and social justice.