Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Social Media, Power and Democracy

by Yuliya on 2015 July 31 15:43

The Embassy of Denmark, Indonesia, Ørecomm and Roskilde University invites you to a seminar on the overall theme Social Media, Power and Democracy at Roskilde University 14 September 2015. The seminar will cover the overall theme by a discussion of the report “Building democracy with 140 characters: a case of Indonesia”, edited by Lukas Luwarso and published by The Embassy of Denmark, Indonesia.




Towards a Water Wise World

by Yuliya on 2015 July 25 13:49

In the frame of discussion on post-2015 and Sustainable Development Goals, the topic of water stays critical. The 25th World Water Week taking place  in a month in Stockholm will cover issues of water management, sanitation, climate change and more.


IAMCR 2015: 15 tweets

by Yuliya on 2015 July 17 18:33

IAMCR 2015, a conference organized this week in Canada by the International Association for Media and Communication Research is over. You’ve missed it? Have a look at our selection of 15 tweets of the week.


5 Ways to Improve Aid Transparency

by Yuliya on 2015 July 8 11:12

Aid money may never reach people in need. Where is it gone then? From crisis to crisis aid transparency remains an issue with more pitfalls revealed as well as more platforms for tracking funds created. In this article we look at 5 ways to improve transparency in the field.


Gaza in 2015: a C4D field?

by Yuliya on 2015 July 3 14:04

Support of Palestine refugees with efforts of UNRWA, the largest UN agency on the ground in Gaza, is 65 years old. Having communication in the core of relief programs, Jennifer Watson, Senior Communications Officer at UNRWA Gaza Field Office, shares some insights about the role of C4D at UNRWA.