Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Johanna Stenersen

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School of Humanities, Education & Social Sciences
Örebro University
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I am a PhD candidate and teacher at the Department of Media and Communication Studies, Örebro University. My research interests lie within the field of communication and social change, and more specifically civil society driven change processes. My PhD thesis will be based on a study of how civil society organizations in Nicaragua, Central America, through participatory communication initiatives apply a rights based approach to sexual and reproductive health advocacy. I am particularly interested in discourses on and politicization of the body, ideas and representations of health, gender and sexuality. Theoretically the thesis will draw on perspectives that combine development studies and communication studies, theories on health, power, gender, citizen culture and practices.

Before starting on my PhD I worked for almost ten years, and have experience of working with communication professionally in various fields, from public administration, corporate communication and NGOs. I also have work experience from development co-operation in Central America, where I worked as a PME-advisor (planning monitoring and evaluation) for civil society organizations.

I teach courses such as Strategic Communication, Organizational communication etc. in Örebro, but I also occasionally give lectures and seminars in Malmö and Karlstad. I am coordinating the Orecomm Phd-student Network, a network open to PhD-students within the field of communication and social change.