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Online now: Impact 2.0 iGuide

by Ørecomm on 2011 March 17 18:59

Fundación Comunica, together with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), has launched the Impact 2.0 iGuide: New mechanisms for linking research and policy, a guide designed to help researchers identify the right Web 2.0 tools for establishing links with policy makers, for building their online presence and credibility and for effectively communicating their research.

The Impact 2.0 iGuide is designed in such a way that it guides researchers in finding the appropriate tools through identifying their specific communication needs and strategies. Its structure follows the “context, evidence, links” framework developed by the Research and Policy in Development Programme (RAPID) of the Overseas Development Institute for linking research and policy. The iGuide contains a brief introduction to Web 2.0 tools and a general overview of strategies for using these tools to link research, policy and advocacy. The second part of the guide includes a matrix of Web 2.0 tools listed in the context of the specific communication strategies they can support.

See full presentation here, or go directly to the Impact 2.0 iGuide.