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Orecomm.net – smart changes for mobile access

by Ørecomm on 2012 November 16 21:56

Many orecomm.net readers use their ‘smartphone’ to access the site. Until now this has meant that the full page appeared on the tiny phone screen, with pictures, sidebars etc. That was not very user-friendly, as the site was designed for a larger screen.

We have made some changes to serve our mobile users. When you access the site, it will now try to detect if you do this from a smartphone with a small screen. Your browser will then receive a special version, with a limited menu, stripped of sidebars and pictures, and reduced posts with legible font.

When you click on the header of a post, you will be provided with the full post. At the bottom of each page you may also opt for the standard version of the site. Do tell us if you find the change useful, or if you experience problems – write to orecomm.net webmaster.