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Voice & Matter: Book Launch at Ørecomm Symposium 2016

by Yuliya Hudoshnyk on 2016 September 19 20:44

Ørecomm is pleased to present a new volume, “Voice & Matter Communication, Development and the Cultural Return”, edited by Ørecomm co-directors Thomas Tufte and Oscar Hemer. The book is a result of the Voice & Matter conference in 2014 and will be presented this week during the Ørecomm Symposium.

Ørecomm team is getting ready for a biannual conference, this year titled as “Transit Europe: Mobility, Communication and Governance Symposium”. Reflecting on Ørecomm festival in 2014, which was plentiful of insightful talks on research wedding theory and practice, an idea was born to publish a book that would incorporate keynote findings. Consequently, a book “Voice & Matter Communication, Development and the Cultural Return” emerged at Nordicom,  introducing to an avid reader and researcher in communication for development such topics as, for instance, the political economy of the development sector, ‘televisual sovereignty’ and storytelling linked to global tourism.

 Clemencia Rodríguez, a pioneer of media democracy, Professor in Media Studies and Production at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA, says the following about a new publication:


“Voice and Matter is an outstanding collection that will reinstate the centrality and urgency of Communication for Development as an area of research and a field of practice. Hemer and Tufte’s vast expertise in the field of ComDev shines through in the volume’s multi­disciplinary approach, methodological and ­theoretical ­advances, and inclusion of contributions from diverse world regions (i.e. Latin American schools of participatory communication and recent African Ubuntu-centric epistemologies, among others). Drawing from the lived experiences of collectives and individuals who use media and communication to work toward emancipation and social justice, the chapters in this volume make important contributions to how we think about voice, power, technology, culture, and social change. Taking on the ­challenge of interrogating the development industries and their inability to detach from market forces and confront power inequities, this volume repositions the agency of subjects who use their own voices and their own media on their own terms – taking matters into their own hands.”

Eager to see the volume? Wonderful news is that the book is available  online here. In case you want to hear discussions in 2014 live,  all conference presentations are at your disposal here.


Meanwhile, we are expecting invaluable presentations and discussion on communication for development in the upcoming Ørecomm international conference 2016, which will take place at the Symposium venue Malmö University on 22 -23 September 2016. Launch of “Voice & Matter Communication, Development and the Cultural Return” is only one of the many highlights of the conference. For the full programme please see our post.