Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Cultural and media production

Fundamental in most strategic use of communication should be a concern for all dimensions of the communication strategy – both its form, content and its impact upon audiences and societies. However, a lot of communication for development practice is very narrowly focused on dissemination of key messages rather than engaging in participatory strategy and content development, cultural sensitivity and in-depth studies of outcomes and impact.

Likewise is the dominant tradition within a lot of communication for development to focus on effect studies rather than exploring the sense-making processes and analyse not only the psychological but also the social and cultural change processes articulated by the interventions. Both RUC and MAH can offer innovative complementary approaches to analysing and understanding the media and communication strategies applied in development cooperation and contribute to increasingly improving the communication for development practices in development cooperation.

RUC and MAH can also via Ørecomm contribute to another dimension of media and cultural production within development cooperation. It is the case within support to art and culture, including cultural heritage and museum support. These are increasingly important sectors within development cooperation, and have a strong base at both MAH (Culture and Media) and RUC (Performance Design).