Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Media and conflict

In regard to the role of media and communication vis-à-vis human security and conflict, the questions to be formulated deal with the role media and communication play in instigating conflict, on the one hand – as in Yugoslavia and Rwanda, to take the most well-known recent examples – and, on the other, how media and communication can be used strategically to prevent conflict or to serve as a peacebroker and peacebuilder during and after conflict or war.

Institutionally, research into media and conflict and human security has strong bases of expertise at both MAH (Global Political Studies, International Migration and Ethnic Relations) and RUC (CBIT). Furthermore, Ørecomm is a founding member of the ‘Bonn Network on Media in Conflict and Peacebuilding’ which was established at European level in the aftermath of the Bonn conference on the same issue, hosted by Deutsche Welle in April 2007.