Workshop: Local Innovation & Global Social Change

by Ulrica Kristhammar on 10 April 2014

Tag cloudThe previously mentioned GoComm project is now gearing up for the first workshop. Ørecomm is looking for start-ups, social enterprises, organisations and decision makers in the Öresund region for this interesting collaboration.

Read more about the workshop here, and help us share with friends, family and colleagues!


ErlizaLopezTomorrow, 9 April 2014, at 10-12 am, Erliza Lopez Pedersen, Ørecomm’s new PhD candidate in Communication for Development will be introducing her research at a public seminar at the School of Arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University.

Her research explores transnationalism, cultural citizenship and the media, with a focus on the Filipino diaspora in the five Nordic countries and Spain.


  • Aktersalongen, Kranen room E203, Östra Varvsgatan 11A, Malmö
  • Live-streamed on

Next Week: Open ComDev Seminar in Capetown

by Ulrica Kristhammar 19 March 2014

[ 25 March 2014 to 26 March 2014. 28 March 2014; ] The Glocal Classroom is one of Ørecomm’s more recently started projects. Funded by Malmö University and STINT  it takes on the subject of web-based pedagogy and interaction.

Ørecomm co-director Oscar Hemer and Mikael Rundberg, teachers at the ComDev master’s programme at Malmö University, are two of the key persons behind the project. With more than ten [...]

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PhD Internships: UNU-WIDER, Fall 2014

by Ulrica Kristhammar 13 March 2014

The United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research, UNU-WIDER, is currently accepting applications for the PhD Internship Programme for entry beginning September 2014.
The PhD Internship Programme gives registered doctoral students an opportunity to work with UNU-WIDER researchers in areas of mutual interest, utilising the resources and facilities at UNU-WIDER for their PhD dissertation [...]

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Ørecomm Welcomes new ComDev Programme

by Ulrica Kristhammar 12 March 2014

The School of Media and Communication at Temple University, Philadelphia, is launching a one-year graduate degree in development communication. At Ørecomm we are really happy to see this exciting new initiative, and look forward to exploring how we can collaborate in the future!
Launching this coming fall of 2014, the program will include research skills and [...]

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New Project: GOComm Calls for Collaboration with Social Entrepreneurs

by Ulrica Kristhammar 7 March 2014

“The fact that we are standing here today at a Social Media Week is I think indicative of how some of the broader dynamics in research and communication for development are changing.”
Ørecomm participant and ComDev researcher Tobias Denskus, starts out his presentation at Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen. And he is right; the development communication work [...]

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Last Minute: Nordic-Kenyan PhD Seminar: Apply no Later than 9 March 2014

by Ulrica Kristhammar 4 March 2014

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this Kenya based PhD seminar on Studying New Media Appropriations and Socio-Cultural Changes – Methodological Challenges, taking place in May 2014.
Deadline for applications is 9 March 2014 (extended deadline) .
From the course description:

The PhD seminar will discuss epistemological questions related to social research and address key methodological [...]

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New Course: Advances in Communication for Development

by Ulrica Kristhammar 27 February 2014

This autumn, several of our Ørecomm participants will be teaching on a brand new course in Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation offered at Malmö University. The course responds to the needs of ComDev graduates that have requested a deeper level of study in this field, as well as development professionals [...]

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Goodbye to a Rigorous and Socially Relevant Public Intellectual

by Ulrica Kristhammar 25 February 2014

A grand old man of British cultural studies, Stuart Hall, died 10 February 2014, 82 years old. He was a man who – among many other things – contributed to developing a critical line of thinking which has been highly influential within communication for development.
Ørecomm participants Thomas Tufte and Anders Hög Hansen pay tribute to [...]

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Open Lecture: Resistance Technologies and Civic Engagement – Livestreaming for Social Change

by Ulrica Kristhammar 24 February 2014

The ComDev master’s programme at Malmö University is organizing an open lecture on resistance technologies and civic engagement tomorrow, Tuesday, 25 February, 6-8:30 pm (CET).
The lecture takes place at Radiostationen at Malmö University, but will also be livestreamed at
The seminar will include a talk with one of the founders of Ana Mubasher, a livestreaming [...]

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