Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

UNICEF Collaboration

Exchange of knowledge and strengthening of communication for development practices forms the basis of a new collaboration between Ørecomm and UNICEF.

“Global networks are of increasing relevance in the work towards social change. And so is cooperating across different sectors. This way we can learn from each other and develop communication for development both as an academic field and a field of practice,” says Marie Brobeck, project manager at Ørecomm.

Drawing on the expertise and experience within the organizations, the collaboration will be formed through different activities such as training and capacity development, joint research studies and resource mobilization.

But most importantly the collaboration aims to expand the reach and impact of efforts in the field. Through a unified approach and harmonized strategies to advocating the understanding and use of C4D, steps can be taken towards better practices in promoting the rights of all persons to communicate and participate freely.


Project Manager
Marie Brobeck