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C4D Network to Sum Up Global Communication for Development Practice

by Yuliya Hudoshnyk on 2017 January 20 15:01
50 countries. 50 discussions on communication for development implementation. What unites experts worldwide? What are the major challenges we are all facing in our daily work? 

In the first focus session of 2017, C4D Network UK will take a look at some of the preliminary findings and insights from 2016 C4D Network Mapping Meet-Up Challenge, which gathered together practitioners in the field and ‘mapped’ the C4D landscape around the world.

At the meet-ups, members shared their thoughts and perceptions about all aspects of C4D implementation, from the engagement of governments and civil society to the themes used in C4D practice – and in many instances from Colombia to Uganda there was agreement that “there are a lot of people doing things, but they don’t know they are doing C4D”!

In addition to the mapping discussions, online surveys were sent to all members to ensure those that were unable to attend a meet-up had an opportunity to feed into discussions. So far, people from 45 countries have completed the survey with the results to be included in the C4D Network Mapping Challenge.

If you’re in London, C4D Network UK welcomes you to join the sum-up meeting on  Wednesday 25 January at 12.30pm (networking), 1:00pm-2:00pm focused time, 2.00-2.30pm more mingling. To attend please register  via admin@c4d.org.

You can also join via Skype:  please contact admin@c4d.org by Monday 23 January.


Image via Flickr