Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Study ComDev

Communication for Development as a field of study combines studies on culture, communication and development with practical field work. It explores the use of communication – both as a tool and as a way of articulating processes of social change – within the contexts of globalization.

The Communication for Development master programme at Malmö University has been around since year 2000. Many of the Ørecomm participants present here are teachers at the course.

The web-based form of study enables students from all over the world to participate.

”Through our form of study we create a global classroom. We combine distance learning with campus-based seminars which are stremed in real time. The students are not dependant on expensive equipment, they only need a computer with a somewhat decent internet-connection,” says Ørecomm co-director Oscar Hemer, who is also the coordinator of the ComDev programme.

The students come from largely all corners of the globe, from Brazil to Japan, from Sweden to South Africa. At present between 30 and 40 percent are Swedish. Many of the students are professionals in the field.

More information? Visit the master programme website.