Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Anders Hög Hansen

k3anha anders.hog-hansen@mah.se
School of Arts and Communication (K3)
Malmö University
+46 (0)40 665 7210 / +45 29827441

Teaches and researches representations of war and conflict, and the mediation of memory and history in the media, and in other cultural forms. In recent years concerned with: local/from below histories, youth and alternative education, art for social change, and art and memorials in relation to the public sphere and globalisation. Field and case studies often come from Israel-Palestine and Germany. My PhD was on alternative youth education and conflict coping among Jews and Palestinan Arabs in Israel.

Works/projects/articles under production:

  • Memory and Mediation – on public art, memory, and public intervention in art projects (Conference paper and further, co-authored with Erling Björgvinsson).
  • Memorials and memory politics in Hamburg and Haifa. An article to be published in the anthology ‘Space and History’, 2008. It is a part of broader project on harbour cities and memory.
  • War memories and future generations. Oral history, and the passing-on of memory, including various examples: Raines diaries, a study of war diaries of a WWII soldier and his writings in the aftermath of war plus interviews with his son / Israel, case from a Jewish-Arab village / October 1943, Denmark-Sweden, oral history, survivor and family.

Additional / ‘leisure time’ projects:

  • Chaplin. Det 20 århundedre fortalt gennem Chaplins film (in Danish) – work on Chaplins war movies and on Modern Times completed. Project may turn into a book.
  • Bob Dylan. Kærlighed, krig og historie hos Dylan 1961-67 (in Danish).

A selection of teaching and supervision tasks

  • Advanced course/special course: Media War Resistance on the historical dimensions in various forms of war and conflict representation (2004-2006 + Autumn 2008).
  • Formerly Media and Communication 20p course leader during 2006. Here I have taught 5p units Media and the Public Spheere and Globalization and Communication, the first with an emphasis on social movements, the latter on the history of globalization.
  • From the autumn 2007 I am daily academic staff on the postgraduate course 2 year HT course in Communication for Development, teaching and arranging modules, e.g. module 1 Globalization and Communication. In the past I have worked as supervisor and examiner on the course, and occasionally been involved in modules and teaching (e.g. heritage workshop 2005) and media and culture analysis module in 2006. In Spring 2008 also coordinating Strategic Communication Planning, a single unit course related to social change and development contexts.
  • I have also taught and supervised on the postgraduate programe Cultural Production (from autumn 2008 turned into an MA).
  • Since 1 Feb 2007 I have been the International Coordinator at the School of Arts and Communication

Academic articles and essays published:

  • Krop, kommunikation og modernitet i Chaplins Modern Times. In Praktiske Grunde, vol. 1, no. 1 2007, new Danish net journal (available online), The Hexis society.
  • Mapping space, conflict and identity. Alternative education and art examples from Israel-Palestine. In Glocal Times no. 6, 2006 (available online)
  • Breve fra Palästina. Biografi og historie i berettelser om Palästina og Holocaust. In Tidskrift för Litteraturvetenskap no. 3-4, 2006.
  • Änglar i Gränsland. En essä om konflikthantering och utbildning i Israel-Palestina. In Locus no. 1, 2007. Reworked Danish language version of article below. Translated to Swedish.
  • Youth negotiating conflict and life (Photo essay on Israel-Palestine). In Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution 7: 1, 2006.
  • Dialogue with Conflict: Education and conflict coping in Israel. In Social Identities. Journal for the study of race, nation and culture 12/3 May 2006
  • No ‘final solution’ to the memory problem (on memorials in Berlin and Hamburg). In Glocal Times, no 2, 2005 (available online).
  • Konflikt og geografi. Gestaltning og forhandling af rum blandt unge i Israel. In Linköping University Online Press, 2005 (available online).
  • Fuzzy Boundaries (on communities of practice in European museums). In Museum and Society, Vol 2:3, 2004, with Theano Moussouri (available online).
  • Hvornår får vi frit spil? (Article and photo essay on youth, cultural collage and space: a tabletennis club used as case study). In Social Kritik, 96, 2004.
  • Collections and Communities (Article and photo essay on pedagogy and outreach activity in museums). In Journal of Museum Ethnography 1, 2004.
  • Communities, Capital, Cooperation (Article on the notion of field and communities of practice in the museum world). In Museological Review 2, 2004.
  • Et tredje rum for nye fælles erfaringer (Article on youth and conflict in Israel). In Udsyn, spring 1999.
  • In addition, a range of deliverables/reports for Dept of Museum Studies, University of Leicester as part of EU Framework V project, e.g. D1.1 Learning Strategies for the Mirror Community of Practice (reporting and analyzing field work on exhibition developers in museums in Europe).

Thesis and dissertation

  • Dialogue With Conflict. Jewish-Palestinian Educational Projects in Israel. PhD thesis. Theory Culture & Society Centre, Nottingham Trent University, Nov. 2003.
  • The (im)possibility of a mutual recognition. MA thesis. Dept of Cultural Studies, University of East London, Jan 1998.