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Lisa Ann Richey

Lisa Ann Richey richey@ruc.dk
Department of Society and Globalisation
Roskilde University
+45 4674 2627
Personal website

My research focuses on new actors and alliances in North-South relations and Brand Aid. I am co-author of “Brand Aid: Shopping Well to Save the World” with Stefano Ponte (2011) – a political economy of culture examining Product (RED), branding, aid, consumption and celebrity. I have worked on research projects on HIV/AIDS treatment in Uganda and South Africa and reproductive health in Tanzania and Uganda. I teach and supervise graduate students in development studies and global studies.

I teach as often as possible in the Communication for Development Masters course with Oscar Hemer and have enjoyed writing collaborations with other Ørecomm researchers, including ”Mobilizing for Global AIDS Treatment: Clicking Compassion and Shopping Salvation” in Glocal Times/Nordicom Review Special Issue on “Mobilizing Communication Globally: for What and for Whom?,” edited by K. Wilkinson and F. Enghel (2012).

I’m part of a group of researchers with interest in how celebrities shape North-South relations. Visit our website for information on our work and upcoming activities.

Contact me for speaking engagements on Brand Aid or PhD projects on new actors and alliances in development.

Selected publications

Lisa Ann Richey: Population Politics and Development: From the Policies to the Clinics (2008) Palgrave MacMillan: New York and London.
Lisa Ann Richey: “‘Boundary Work’ in the Provision of AIDS Treatment in South Africa: Science, Denial and Politics” New Political Science, 30,1: 1-21 (2008).
Lisa Ann Richey and Stefano Ponte: “Better RED Than Dead? From ‘Band Aid’ to ‘Brand Aid’ “, Third World Quarterly, (forthcoming 2008).
Lisa Ann Richey: Gendering the Therapeutic Citizen in Reproduction, Globalization and the State. Carole H. Browner and Carolyn F. Sargent, eds. Durham, NC: Duke Univ. Press (forthcoming 2008).
Thomas Molony, Lisa Ann Richey, and Stefano Ponte: “‘Darwin’s Nightmare’: A Critical Assessment” Review of African Political Economy. No. 113. Pp. 591-608 (2007).
“The Rock Man’s Burden? Product (RED), Celebrities and Women at the Frontier of Development Assistance in The Fourth Wave: An Assault on Women. Gender, Culture and HIV in the 21st Century. Social Science Research Council-UNESCO volume, Vinh-Kim Nguyen and Jennifer F. Klot, eds. (forthcoming 2008).