Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Ronald S. Stade

Ronald Stade rss@mah.se
School of Arts and Communication (K3)
Malmö University
+46 40 6657 349

I am a professor of peace and conflict studies, especially anthropology. I am concerned with what it means to be human, which led me to think and write about how humans make sense of their lives and the world and how they use meaningful concepts to this end. A concept that caught my attention was that of cosmopolitanism and what kind of perspectives and attitudes it refers to. In writing about cosmopolitanism I have combined the conceptual with the existential, the methodological with the theoretical and the cultural with the political.

Selected Publications

Ronald Stade and Nigel Rapport: “Debating Irony and the Ironic as a Social Phenomenon and a Human Capacity,” Social Anthropology (forthcoming).

Ronald Stade: “Emergent Concept Chains and Scenarios of Depoliticization: the Case of Global Governance as a Future Past,” Anthropology Now and Next, edited by Shalini Randeria, Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Christina Garsten, Oxford and New York: Berghahn (forthcoming).

Ronald Stade: “Citizens of Everything: the Aporetics of Cosmopolitanism,” We the Cosmopolitans, edited by Lisette Josephides and Alexandra Hall. Oxford and New York: Berghahn (forthcoming).

Ronald Stade: “Cosmos and Polis, Past and Present.” Theory, Culture and Society 24(7-8): 295-298 (2007).

Ronald Stade and Nigel Rapport: “A Cosmopolitan Turn—or Return?” Social Anthropology 15(2): 223-235 (2007).