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Andrea Papan

Andrea Papan andrea.papan@mah.se
School of Arts and Communication (K3)
Malmö University

I am an adjunct in Communication for Development at Malmö University. I teach in the graduate programme and have been heavily involved in the development of the Advances in Communication for Development: Social Action, Planning and Evaluation  post-MA course.

My expertise is in rights-based approaches to gender and development and I am deeply interested in questions of transformative change. I possess a MA in Gender and Development from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK where I also pursued my doctoral studies. My doctoral research focused on sustaining women’s political participation in countries transitioning to democracy in Southern Africa. I was interested in why and how women enter politics and, more importantly, what hinders their ability to stay in politics. And in turn, the political effectiveness of women MPs to support gender equality strategies and women’s rights once in power.

I have worked within the UN system in several countries, and I have consulted internationally on issues relating to gender and governance, gender and knowledge management, and gender and health. My recent work focused on menstrual hygiene management as part of a water and sanitation (WASH) initiative.

Prior to moving to Sweden I worked as a researcher at the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, and was Project Coordinator for the Full Plate Project on Women, Obesity and Food Security.


Selected Publications and Working Papers


Papan, Andrea S. and Barbara Clow (2015) The Food Security-Obesity Paradox as a vicious cycle for women: inequalities and health, Gender & Development, (Oxford: Oxfam), July 2015 (forthcoming).

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Papan, Andrea S. (2009) HIV/AIDS and Indigenous Persons: Background Paper. For UNAIDS Fifth International Policy Dialogue, October 21-23, Health Canada/UNAIDS.


Papan, Andrea S. (2006) ‘I didn’t see this coming…’:  The impact of an international civil servant career on prospects for partnership, marriage and family, Seminar Paper given at Development People: Professional Identities & Social Lives Workshop, the International Gender Studies Centre (IGS),University of Oxford, April 2006. Mimeo


Papan, Andrea S. (2004) An Evaluation of the Knowledge and Learning Efforts Relating to Practices Development Presently being implemented in the Europe and CIS Region by UNDP and Recommendations for Moving Forward, UNDP, ECIS Regional Centre, Bratislava.


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