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Ørecomm Symposium 2016 – Final Programme Introduced

by Yuliya Hudoshnyk on 2016 September 14 15:59

It is a final countdown before the most awaited conference on communication for development,  Transit Europe: Mobility, Communication and Governance, starts in a week. Ørecomm is pleased to introduce the final programme.

Organized in collaboration with MIM (Malmö Institute of Migration, Diversity and Welfare) and SPIDER (Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions), 2016 Ørecomm Symposium will discuss the current refugee situation in the framework of media, communication and governance, in particular humanitarian technologies and communication.

Ørecomm is especially glad to have  Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo, Norway), Silvio Waisbord (George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA) and  Mirca Madianou (Goldsmiths’ College, University of London, UK) on board for the conference. Also, during the conference a book launch of a volume Voice & Matter. Communication, Development and the Cultural Return, which encompasses topics discussed at Ørecomm conference in 2014, will take place.

For last minute registrations  and further info please follow the link.


Ørecomm Symposium 2016 Final Programme

22 September

Welcome address: Malmö University’s Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham + Ørecomm co-directors

Oscar Hemer and Thomas Tufte

15.15 – 15.45
The “refugee crisis” and its multiple implications

Joaquín Arango, Universidad Complutense, Madrid

15.45 – 16.15
The stories we tell: How Diversity is Narrated and Community is Created

in two Copenhagen Neighborhoods
Garbi Schmidt, Roskilde University

16.15 – 16.45
Discussion (Chair: Maja Povrzanović Frykman, Malmö University)

17.00 -17.40
Refugee Migration : Research and activism. Current and up-coming projects

in and around Malmö

Escape from Sweden
Joshka Wessels, Lund University

Migration media amongst Arabic speaking migrants in Sweden
Laid Bouakaz, Malmö University

(Chair: Anders Høg Hansen, Malmö University)

Book launch: Voice & Matter. Communication, Development and the Cultural

Return (eds. Oscar Hemer & Thomas Tufte, Nordicom)

18.00 – Reception

23 September

“Niagara session: Communication in the society of difference: between pluralism and dis(engagement)

Silvio Waisbord, George Washington University, Washington DC

Discussion (Chair: Oscar Hemer. Discussants: Kerry Bystrom, Bard College, Berlin; Thomas Tufte, University of Leicester)


UNICEF’s humanitarian programming in Europe. A communication perspective

Rafael Obregón, UNICEF (via link from Pakistan)
(Chair: Thomas Tufte. Discussant: Norbert Wildermuth, Roskilde University)


13.00 -13.45
Humanitarian Technologies. From ideals of participation to practices of governance in

emergencies and disaster recovery
Mirca Madianou, Goldsmiths’ College, London

13.45 – 14.05
Discussion (Chair: Tobias Denskus, Malmö University. Discussant: Lisa Ann Richey, Roskilde University)

14.15 – 16.00
Parallel paper sessions (including coffee, 15.00-15.15).

A (COE11) Paper session (chair: Jonas Agerbæk Jeppesen, Roskilde University)

Liberal Media Intervention in Post-War Settings: Insights from the Epistemologies of the South. Sofia José Santos and Teresa Almeida Cravo, University of Coimbra

“News-you-can-use”: The role of dialogue in providing vital information to refugees in Europe. Victoria Jack, Internews

The Refugee Crisis, Political Opportunities & Threats and Transnational Solidarity Organizations in Greece and Denmark. Maria Kousis, Hans-Jörg Trenz, Angelos Loukakis, Kostas Kanellopoulos, University of Crete, and Deniz Neriman Duru, University of Copenhagen

An analytics of civic agency and social media – the case of refugee volunteering. Julie Uldam and Anne Kaun, Roskilde University

                B (K3 Studio, NIC0541, 5th floor) Paper session (chair: Erliza López Pedersen)

The mediation of waiting: a case study on the experience of transit among Iraqi refugees in Jordan. Mirjam A. Twigt, University of Leicester

               Migration and integration : technologies on the refugee route to Europe. Gita Zadnikar,        Alma Mater Europaea, Ljubljana

Vectors of Europe: Boats, The Mediterranean Sea and Politics of Movement. Mahmoud Keshavarz and Eric Snodgrass, Malmö University

C (Glocal Classroom, NIC0502, 5th floor) Workshop. (chair: Ronald Stade, Malmö University)

Politically Correct: The History of a Fighting Concept. Ronald Stade

Creative Intelligence and the Cold War: US Military Investments in Undisciplined Thought 1945-1965. Bregje van Eekelen, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

(Optional parallel session: Medea Talk with Marju Lauristin: What will we mean by privacy in the future? Auditorium B 1 http://medea.mah.se/event/medea-talks-marju-lauristin/)

16.15 – 17.30
Transit Europe – Europe in Transition
Final panel discussion with Mirca Madianou, Garbi Schmidt and Silvio Waisboard
(Rapporteur: Jo Tacchi, RMIT Europe, Barcelona. Moderator: Oscar Hemer)

Dinner at Malmö City Hall