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Ørecomm Symposium 2016 to Be Livestreamed

by Yuliya Hudoshnyk on 2016 September 22 11:07

Cannot attend Ørecomm Symposium 2016 yet willing to follow? Don’t miss your most awaited presentations and discussions – follow livestream of the programme.

Link for a livestream: www.mah.se/comdev


Ørecomm Symposium 2016 Final Programme

22 September

Welcome address: Malmö University’s Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham + Ørecomm co-directors

Oscar Hemer and Thomas Tufte

15.15 – 15.45
The “refugee crisis” and its multiple implications

Joaquín Arango, Universidad Complutense, Madrid

15.45 – 16.15
The stories we tell: How Diversity is Narrated and Community is Created

in two Copenhagen Neighborhoods
Garbi Schmidt, Roskilde University

16.15 – 16.45
Discussion (Chair: Maja Povrzanović Frykman, Malmö University)

17.00 -17.40
Refugee Migration : Research and activism. Current and up-coming projects

in and around Malmö

Migration media amongst Arabic speaking migrants in Sweden
Laid Bouakaz, Malmö University

(Chair: Anders Høg Hansen, Malmö University)

Book launch: Voice & Matter. Communication, Development and the Cultural

Return (eds. Oscar Hemer & Thomas Tufte, Nordicom)

18.00 – Reception

23 September

“Niagara session: Communication in the society of difference: between pluralism and dis(engagement)

Silvio Waisbord, George Washington University, Washington DC

Discussion (Chair: Oscar Hemer. Discussants: Kerry Bystrom, Bard College, Berlin; Thomas Tufte, University of Leicester)


UNICEF’s humanitarian programming in Europe. A communication perspective

Rafael Obregón, UNICEF (via link from Pakistan)
(Chair: Thomas Tufte. Discussant: Norbert Wildermuth, Roskilde University)


13.00 -13.45
Humanitarian Technologies. From ideals of participation to practices of governance in

emergencies and disaster recovery
Mirca Madianou, Goldsmiths’ College, London

13.45 – 14.05
Discussion (Chair: Tobias Denskus, Malmö University. Discussant: Lisa Ann Richey, Roskilde University)

14.15 – 16.00
Parallel paper sessions (including coffee, 15.00-15.15).

A (COE11) Paper session (chair: Jonas Agerbæk Jeppesen, Roskilde University)

Liberal Media Intervention in Post-War Settings: Insights from the Epistemologies of the South. Sofia José Santos and Teresa Almeida Cravo, University of Coimbra

“News-you-can-use”: The role of dialogue in providing vital information to refugees in Europe. Victoria Jack, Internews

The Refugee Crisis, Political Opportunities & Threats and Transnational Solidarity Organizations in Greece and Denmark. Maria Kousis, Hans-Jörg Trenz, Angelos Loukakis, Kostas Kanellopoulos, University of Crete, and Deniz Neriman Duru, University of Copenhagen

An analytics of civic agency and social media – the case of refugee volunteering. Julie Uldam and Anne Kaun, Roskilde University

                B (K3 Studio, NIC0541, 5th floor) Paper session (chair: Erliza López Pedersen)

The mediation of waiting: a case study on the experience of transit among Iraqi refugees in Jordan. Mirjam A. Twigt, University of Leicester

               Migration and integration : technologies on the refugee route to Europe. Gita Zadnikar,        Alma Mater Europaea, Ljubljana

Vectors of Europe: Boats, The Mediterranean Sea and Politics of Movement. Mahmoud Keshavarz and Eric Snodgrass, Malmö University

C (Glocal Classroom, NIC0502, 5th floor) Workshop. (chair: Ronald Stade, Malmö University)

Politically Correct: The History of a Fighting Concept. Ronald Stade

Creative Intelligence and the Cold War: US Military Investments in Undisciplined Thought 1945-1965. Bregje van Eekelen, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

(Optional parallel session: Medea Talk with Marju Lauristin: What will we mean by privacy in the future? Auditorium B 1 http://medea.mah.se/event/medea-talks-marju-lauristin/)

16.15 – 17.30
Transit Europe – Europe in Transition
Final panel discussion with Mirca Madianou, Garbi Schmidt and Silvio Waisboard
(Rapporteur: Jo Tacchi, RMIT Europe, Barcelona. Moderator: Oscar Hemer)

Dinner at Malmö City Hall



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