Centre for Communication and Glocal Change

Register here!

Register here, and please remember to press submit button below! Registration to be present should be made by 1 September 2013. Online participants can register until last minute. The festival is free, but if you attend in person you should pay for lunch and coffe – or abstain. See below about how to pay, after the form. If for any reason the form below does not show, you may use this link to register.

Paying for lunch and coffee


1 day:       75 SEK (9 EUR, 65 DKK)
All 4 days: 250 SEK (30 EUR, 218 DKK)

1 day:      100 SEK (12 EUR, 87 DKK)
All 4 days: 350 SEK (41 EUR, 305 DKK)

Thus, as an example, a student participating 2 days should pay 150 SEK (18 EUR, 130 DKK) for coffee and lunch. Calculate your own fee, and pay accordingly. Again: Your registration for coffee and lunch is valid only when we have received payment for the days you will be present in person. Do bring a copy of your payment receipt.

Staff at Malmö University and Roskilde University wishing to participate in single lectures or workshops may contact the Ørecomm secretariat at orecomm@gmail.com

How to pay …

Payment is made to Malmö University, SE-20506 Malmö, Sweden.

In Sweden payment can be made to bank giro account 5052-4958, or to postal giro account 957512-7.

From abroad pay to:
Bank: SEB, Clearing/Account no. 5439-1034786
IBAN: SE02 5000 0000 0543 9103 4786

All payments must include your name and the Ørecomm Festival reference number: 611002

Need an invitation?

If you need an invitation letter: Send a mail with name, institution and country to the Ørecomm secretariat at orecomm@gmail.com, and we will send you the invitation.